Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lovely Ocean Jasper

I just love ocean jasper or orbicular jasper. The stone is a combination of agate, quartz, and trace metals. It is known for its beautiful orbs, wavy lines and gorgeous colors and patterns. Ocean jasper is a rare material that comes from a remote location in Madagascar. It has been mined out and is one of the most sought after collector stones in the world. Quality specimens sell for hundreds of dollars.

I was lucky to be given a piece of ocean jasper. The stone is red, white, and green and mostly opaque with several orbs. My brother-in-law cut this stone with beveled edges and a flat face. This material takes a beautiful lustrous polish.

When designing with stones with multiple colors and patterns, I often opt for very simple settings. The gemstone should be the focal point, not a busy or fussy setting. For this gemstone, I create a classic bezel setting with an open back. I roller printed a paper towel texture on the backside to minimize fingerprints. The bail is made out of double half round wire and soldered to the back of the frame. The glint of the high polished bezel against the ocean jasper and the snake chain give this pendant a sleek modern appeal.

The handcrafted pendant is a gift for my brother-in-law's sister. This note was included with the finished piece:
Ocean Jasper, also called Orbicular Jasper, is found only on the coast of Madagascar and is mined at low tide. Ocean Jasper has dots, wavy lines and comes in multi-colored designs of green, pink, red, black, white, and blue. This stone is said to increase your expression of love in words and actions and bring into focus the positive and relaxing aspects of home life and business. It is also believed to lift negativity so you can fully appreciate your blessings as well as ease and balance emotional stress.

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