Monday, November 8, 2010

Contemporary Crafts Market - Inspired Creations

Every November, I look forward to seeing fabulous art at the Contemporary Crafts Market in Santa Monica. It is an opportunity to replenish my creative well and be inspired by fine artistans. I just love the selection of artists at this show, the wide variety of crafts and the unique point-of-view of each artist. The show was already buzzing when I arrived on Friday at 10:15 in the morning. By noon, the isles were crowded with potential customers. Many of my favorite jewelry artists were showcasing their newest creations.

One of my favorite jewelers is Adam Neeley. He was featuring his latest creations fabricated from several colors of gold graduating in color from yellow to white. Adam alloys his own metal to create these one of a kind pieces. The color change is subtle, the effect luxurious. He is featured in the August 2010 Lapidary Journal magazine.

Cezua, another jewelry artist, creates bold fanciful pieces. His designs are for the fashion forward and worthy of a rock star. The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, wore one of his rings. His designs showcase the unexpected. One ring featured a transparent diamond slice that had a prong set diamond viewable through its window. Another piece featured a bangle studded with diamonds and large dangling baroque south sea pearls. Definitely not a piece for the shy and conservative!

There were several enamelists, each with a unique style. There were three that shined for me. Marianne Hunter creates stories using colorful gems such as boulder opals and combines them with vitreous enamels. Her work is mystical, mysterious and beautiful.

Another enamelist, Anna Tai, creates cloissonne art jewelry. She had several striking pieces that combined colorful vitreous enamels and matte black enamel. The matte black finish provides a great contrast to the colored enamels. Anna explained how she packs the enamel colors to create the vivid colorful effects.

My favorite enamelist is Karin Pohl. She works in the enamel technique limoges. Her work is absolutely gorgeous, like a painting from an old world master. Each piece is created in 18kt gold, enameled on both sides and studded with fine gemstones. I am drawn to look closely and marvel at the amazing detail.

This was a great show! Lots of inspiration. My creative juices are over flowing and I can't wait to spend time in the studio. I'm inspired to tackle another enameling project to turn in for my class project.


  1. I love those enamelists too! One day... Great article, Lisa!